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Approved Designs List ~ Gas Models

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2004 Edition update

Updated May 9, 2010

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Page-1: 1935 Texaco Winner   to   Answer 66
Page-2: Anzac   to   Blitz Buggy
Page-3: Blitzkrieg 46   to   Bullet(Mer)
Page-4: Bullet (Sut)   to   Ceph
Page-5: Challenger (A/E) (Bur)   to   Cloud Rider
Page-6: Cloud Snooper 40   to   Diamond
Page-7: Diamond Demon   to   Explorer
Page-8: Fa Gas Flea   to   Flying Stick (Ehl)
Page-9: Flying Stick (Sch)   to   Gordo (A-.19)
Page-10: Gordo (A-.23)   to   Ho-Cat
Page-11: Hoiman   to   Kayo Gas Model
Page-12: Kayoe   to   Loutrel Speedster
Page-13: Loutrel Sportster   to   Miss Fortune X 84
Page-14: Miss Model Craftsman   to   Mystery Gas Model
Page-15: Mystery Man   to   Parasol
Page-16: PB-2   to   Precision
Page-17: Premier Lion   to   Record Breaker (1938)
Page-18: Record Hound   to   Silver Flyer (Av)
Page-19: Silver Flyer (Meg)   to   So Long 54
Page-20: So Long B   to   Stokes Class C
Page-21: Stormer (1942)   to   Sylph (Flying Wing)
Page-22: T-Beam Gas Model   to   Thunderbolt (deBolt)R/C
Page-23: Tiger Zipper   to   V B 48 Ostriz
Page-24: V B 601   to   Winged Yankee
Page-25: Winner Biplane   to   Zomby

All Antique List (pre 1939)
All Old Timer List (1939 & later) List