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The following is from the ADL book from SAM. There is a reference to an ADL with pictures that they intended to create but haven't as yet. I assembled this list to help myself and others to know what the planes looked like. Assistance locating photos, line drawings, or 3 views of the more rare designs will be appreciated.

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The original SAM Gas Model Approved Design list was created by Ernie Linn back in the early days of SAM. Assisting Ernie in the Herculean project and publication effort to locate and compile all the original data were; Jim Adams, George Armstead, John Pond, Bob Larsh, Dee Mathews, Jack Phelps and many other dedicated SAM members. The updated 1996 second edition was compiled and published by SAM members; Don Bekins, Ernie Linn, Jim Adams and Bob Larsh.

This 2004 edition was compiled by SAM Secretary, Charlie Reich, with technical support provided by SAM Librarian and Approved Designs Coordinator, Gene Wallock. The updated data has now been computerized and this document created on an Excel spreadsheet for future ease of updating the database. Recognition is also given to Trevor Boundy from SAM 600 Australia who initially created a similar list on his website and assisted Gene Wallock in a similar format for the recently released SAM Approved Designs~Rubber List.

This listing of gas model designs and kits is provided as a guide to identify models reviewed and approved by the Society of Antique Modelers as authorized designs for use in old timer contests both at the local level and the National SAM CHAMPS. As mentioned, much effort has been expended other the years in creating and updating this document in order to make it as accurate and complete as possible. Even so, some information is missing and unknown. Any help to fill the gaps is appreciated. Please advise the SAM Librarian of any new information for inclusion in future updates to this manual. Newly approved models will be announced in SAM Speaks magazine.

We have separated the columns to offer more information on the model designs. In order to do so we had to change the printed format to a landscape mode. The SAM era of approved models encompasses all gas model designs up through the end of 1942. The designs are broken down into two categories. Antique, up through the end of 1938 and Old Timer dating from 1939 through the end of 1942. This booklet also includes a few of the popular scale designs from that era.

The Page Layout
1. Models: Listed in alphabetical order

2. Wingspan (inches): These may be either projected (from tip to tip between the dihedral) or planform (as drawn on the plan-flat), as the original old magazine article or ad information, was not always consistent with the actual kit or original plan.

3. Area: Wing area in square inches.

4. Type: Fuselage design configuration.

It should be noted that a few models fall into a "gray area" in that their classification could be considered a pylon or a fuselage design. These were assessed by the SAM Design Approval Committee as to their configuration and flight performance, and then classified accordingly. All cabin designs with windows will continue to be grouped with the fuselage models regardless of their potential.

Type Codes Used				Publisher Codes:
F	Fuselage			AA Air Age		AAN Aeromodeler Annual (British)
F-c	cabin				AR Arpiem		AMA Academy of Model Aeronautics
F-nc	no cabin			AT Air Trails		JIA Journal of International Aeromodeling
F-a	amphibian			AW Air World		MAC Model Airplane Constructor (British)
F-b	biplane				FA Flying Ace		MAN Model Airplane News
F-cp	cockpit				FM Flying Models	MBH Modle Builders Handbook
F-c/s	cabin/stick(fuselage)		MA Model Aviation	MIM Mechanics Illustrated &
F-p	parasol (wing mounting)		MB Model Builder	      Model Builders Manual
F-pb	pod and boom			MC Model Craftsman	S35 SAM 35 Yearbook (British)
F-p/cp	parasol with cockpit		PA Popular Aviation	WPB Winters Plan Book 1946
F-p/s	parasol/stick (fuselage)	ZY Zaic Publications
F-s	stick (fuselage)		Note: The 1934 Ziac Yearbook reprint contains many
F-w	wing (flying)			models designed after 1934. 
PY	Pylon
P-cp	Pylon w/cockpit
10. Notes: Additional Information
Re: "Sheelds". References are made throughout the notes - Sheelds and a page number. Many years ago SAM Member, Danny Sheelds, created a pink cover booklet entitled "Antique & Old Timer Model Aircraft" by Danny Sheelds. This was a labor of love for SAM era models and totally created by Danny Sheelds. An effort which must have taken him months/years to compile. It is a photocopy collection of old/original (1932-1942) magazine ads, by year, depicting (with pictures and illustrations) hundreds of old time gas models. This has been the SAM bible for years and enabled members to see what the old models looked like. Danny is now departed and the book has long been out of print. Hundreds of copoies were sold and can still be found at swap meets and collectos. It's a must have for a SAM members collection. There are several web stes that list photographs of these old models, but for many (most of us old guys) . . . there's nothing like seeing them in a book.